Rent an apartment in Bali at Jayakarta Hotel in Seminyak

You’re coming to Bali to be close to the beach.

  • Our apartment is bigger, cheaper, and this close to the sand.
  • Free internet access included.
  • Use of all hotel facilities.
  • Maid service included.
  • If you need tips on Legian/Seminyak or Bali generally, I’d be happy to help you.
  • For unit details, see second video further down.

For an increasing number of people visiting Bali on their holidays, Bali apartments are becoming an interesting alternative to renting a hotel room or a expensive villa. We created this site to answer questions that people might have about renting serviced apartments in Bali, including rental prices for Bali apartments, the best locations to look for apartments in Bali, what one can expect in the way of features for an apartment in Bali available for short-term rental, how to go about finding Bali apartments for rent online, questions to ask apartment owners when renting apartments, and a brief overview of Seminyak apartments, which for many people has become the most attractive area in Bali to spend a vacation.

As I was writing these articles I realized that they could also function fairly well as a basic guide to Bali, at least the touristy areas in the south part of the island, and I hope that anyone considering a visit to Bali finds them useful in a general sense.

We also have an apartment in the Jayakarta Hotel complex in Seminyak that is available for rental. (Contact me at think_tom(at) for more information) It is a one bedroom, 45 m² (484 ft²) unit with a balcony that overlooks the landscaped hotel grounds. It is away from the street noise in a quiet part of the ‘Residence A’ building, on the third floor. The front door of the apartment is three minutes away from the sand (four minutes if you take your time!). The spacious Jayakarta complex has 24-hour security at both the street entrance and the beach entrance.

This video has lots of unit details:

Renting this unit gives you full use of all hotel facilities: three swimming pools, weight room, tennis court, room service, etc.

This is a serviced apartment rental, so it includes maid service every other day, as well as cable TV and Internet access included. There is a kitchenette with a fridge and microwave, and the unit has marble flooring and hardwood floors in the bedroom.

The Jayakarta is located right on the beach, about 15 minutes on foot north of Kuta beach, and just south of 66 Road (Jalan Double Six) and the well-known row of excellent beachfront restaurants (Tekor, Zanzibar, Lanai, Blue Ocean, and the excellent Seaside Restaurant/fitness center).

Excellent shopping, restaurants, nightlife and just about anything a visitor to Bali would want are located no more than five or 10 minutes on foot from from our apartment. Plenty of taxis pass right by the front security gate. Seminyak is a great mix of ex-pats and tourists from all over the world, solo, couples and families too.

See the photos below of our Bali apartment and the Jayakarta pool area. If you would like more information about the apartment or to check availability, please Click here: think_tom(@) and thanks for visiting!

Bali apartments jayakarta pool

jayakarta unit bedroom

jayakarta apartment living room

jayakarta apartment balcony

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A Quick-guide For Bali visitors

If you have decided to look into Bali apartments for rent, it might be of some value for you to have a short list of questions to ask apartment owners as you are online researching accommodations for your Bali holiday. This article covers Bali apartment prices, locations, features, cooking facilities, visiting Bali with kids, and miscellaneous questions to ask. As I was getting these together it seemed like it read like a short Bali visitors’ guide too.

Prices For Bali Apartments

Prices for Bali apartments will vary substantially depending on the season, and obviously the location and amenities of the apartment unit in question. You can expect to pay more for Bali vacation rentals in the months of July and August as well as the second half of December, into January. All else being equal you will also pay a premium for being very close to the beach, as well as for newer apartments. In 2010 Bali apartments close to the beach such as those at the Jayakarta Hotel residence units and some Kuta apartments can easily run to US$70 per night. Having said that, some apartment owners are more flexible with their asking price, especially if they do not rent their units as a business.

Location Of Bali Apartments

Shopping-Beach-supermarkets-nightlife-restaurants-nearest health care

The location of the apartment you rent in Bali might be the most important consideration of all, even more important than price. After all, while apartments in Denpasar, (Bali’s provincial capital, located roughly half an hour from Ngurah Rai international airport) are likely to cost you a half or a third of what you might pay for renting an apartment in the more touristed areas, lower price will be outweighed by the time you have to travel to get to the beach and for Bali’s shopping, nightlife and the enormous variety of excellent restaurants.

If you are coming to party, Kuta Beach is probably the first place that you’d like to search for a Bali apartment, especially if you’re under the age of 30. Kuta is relaxed, with casual bars everywhere and no-frills restaurants. It’s noisy and fun, and there’s plenty of activity well into the wee hours. All in all it’s one of the better places in Southeast Asia to do a pub crawl or have fun with a young outdoorsy crowd who will all likely be surfing off their hangovers at the beach the next day. Recently upscale apartments have been built in Kuta and while they might not be cheaper than some of the low-budget Kuta hotels, having a kitchenette and a little more room might be worth paying for.

One could group together the Bali tourist areas of Seminyak, Legian and Sanur in terms of their more relaxed atmosphere than Kuta, with a wider variety of restaurants and nightlife that varies from extremely casual to quite formal. A well-known example of apartments in Seminyak and Legian are the Jayakarta Hotel Residence units, at the Jayakarta Bali Beach Resort, which has about 250 apartments in two five-storey buildings located on the Jayakarta Hotel premises. Jayakarta is also right on the beach not far from ‘Jalan Double Six’ (Double-six Road) and [click to continue…]

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We have compared Bali apartments to other Bali properties like hotels and villas in terms of expenses, now let’s compare and contrast each accommodation type in terms of lifestyle, amenities, and location.

If you rent an apartment in Bali you can expect an experience that combines the best of a hotel stay and never leaving home at all. For instance, the absentee owner (just search online-apartments are easy to find) will most likely have everything you need to be comfortable, right down to cutlery and towels. The unit will have everything you’d expect in hotel room and a whole lot more, because apartments are geared toward ‘living’ while hotels are for ‘vacationing’, and there’s a big difference, after all. The Bali property market is evolving in ways that can benefit even short-term visitors, as apartments become more plentiful.

Apartments: More Dining Options

Naturally eating in wonderful local restaurants in Bali is a high point of any trip to the island. You’ll find an amazing array of different cuisines at truly remarkable prices; whatever your budget the value for money in Bali restaurants is absolutely outstanding. However, many people also enjoy cooking and if you stay in an apartment you will likely save money by cooking for your family (though not as much as you would in Europe say, with prices in Bali being what they are). With all the local produce and seafood, in all likelihood you’ll really enjoy the use of a kitchen sometimes. With an apartment it’s not necessary to go to a restaurant every time you feel like a snack. And, if you have special dietary requirements staying in a Bali apartment is a way to ensure that you eat more of what you should.

Bali Maids

One of the best things about either a villa or an apartment in Bali, compared to hotels, is your ‘pembantu’, [click to continue…]

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Seminyak and Legian

For many people, the combination of varied restaurants, great nightlife and a noticeably slower pace make the areas just north of Kuta Beach an ideal place to look for Bali Apartments. Seminyak and Legian seem to have it all, and while they have their share of tourists many people here are in an interesting place somewhere in between ‘visiting’ and ‘staying’ in Bali. If you’re renting an apartment, that might describe you too.Here’s is some background to keep in mind as you are searching online for Bali apartments.

Getting here is simple: just go north from Kuta along the main drag of Jalan Legian (Legian Street). Along the way you’ll pass Jalan Padma, Jalan Werkudara, Jalan 66 (Double Six Road), the Bintang supermarket, then as you continue north Legian turns to the left and becomes Jalan Oberoi (otherwise known as “Eat Street” for its superb dining choices) in the north.

In terms of population, Seminyak has a bit of everything: along with the local Balinese you’ll find lots of longer-term ex-pat residents, Indonesians from all parts of Indonesia working in Bali, and probably a more upmarket tourist crowd more interested in villa stays than cheap apartments. The beach itself is crowded in front of Jalan 66 and the popular and excellent beach restaurants like Zanzibar, Lanai, Seaside, Tekor and the new Cocoon Beach Club. For a little seclusion walk a short distance north of 66 Road and the crowds thin out a bit.

Seminyak and Legian have a lot of the new, reasonably-priced apartment buildings in Bali, such as the Jayakarta Bali Beach Resort aka the Jayakarta Hotel, with four and five story apartments now quite common. Larger apartment complexes are popping up to the east of Legian St., and while these units would still only be 10 minutes or so to the beach, finding a place to the west of the busy Legian might be your best bet.

A word about Bali street traffic in this area: it does seem to be getting more crowded on the roads. As prosperity comes to Indonesia and more people buy cars, you see a real difference between traffic volumes today and that of 10 years ago, especially on main streets like Legian, Sunset Road, and Imam Bonjol on the way to Denpasar. No matter how long you stay in Bali, if visiting the beach is important to you, take this into account when you choose your apartment, villa or hotel. Generally if you’re on the west side of Legian you will have a much shorter trip to your day at the beach or your sunset beach walk. Legian Street is only 10 minutes or so from the beach, and it’s a pleasure to walk through one of the many traffic-free small alleyways and on through the grounds of hotels with manicured landscaping, to the sand.

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Since it’s so easy nowadays to reserve accommodation online in one form or another, you owe it to yourself to look at different options that you have when book your next trip anywhere. There are more Bali apartments being rented today than there used to be-Bali’s property market is evolving- so it’s now very easy to find them online and with a quick e-mail exchange or a phone call you can have yourself and your family booked into this wonderful alternative to hotels and villas on your next Bali vacation.

Craigslist is a very good place to start if you’re looking for serviced apartments in Bali, and the Bali Advertiser online version has short and long-term rentals of Bali properties of all types. Naturally you can talk to a property agent in Bali about a whole range of apartments, but with the Internet it is quite easy to deal with the apartment owners themselves. Doing a little legwork could pay real dividends as there are some well-located, inexpensive Bali properties that are real gems right near the beach such as the Jayakarta Bali Beach Resort, otherwise known as the Jayakarta hotel. One of the good things about talking to an owner rather than an agent, or simply doing a conventional online booking for a hotel, is that you can usually negotiate on price with the apartment owner, especially for longer stays.

Dealing With Bali Apartment Owners: Questions To Ask

The owner can answer questions about Bali if it is your first time, as well as tell you about the neighborhood around the apartment. Also, you can be sure he/she will give you much more information on the features of the rental unit itself than that small thumbnail photo one sees on most online hotel booking websites! Be sure and ask if the apartment has maid service included, as well as airport pickup. Does the apartment have a free internet connection included? A Bali apartment rental in should also include most of the little things that you’d expect in a hotel room, such as regular sheet and towel changes as well as toiletry items.

Ask about particularly good [click to continue…]

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In 2010 it’s not difficult to find a comfortable short-term Bali apartment rental priced at $50-$70 US per night or less depending obviously on the apartment features, and you can negotiate rates of US$25-$35 per night for apartments priced by the week or by the month. In this price range, if you are looking for well-located Bali apartments Legian and Seminyak would be good places to start (the apartments in the residence block of the Jayakarta Hotel, also known as the Jayakarta Bali Beach Resort are a favorite); perhaps you will pay a bit more for Kuta apartments, probably a bit less in Sanur. Remember that in these areas is quite difficult to find any tourist class hotel (three-star or higher) rooms for less than US$60 or $70 per night nowadays, especially in the high season.

Bali hotels in tourist areas would almost never lower their prices for a stay of 10 days or two weeks or less. On the other hand, the real estate market in Bali has changed, and so as you search online for apartments you are likely to find owners/agents with whom you might be talking to be much more flexible. So, for a 10-day Bali holiday you would be lucky to have hotel accommodation expenses of less than US$700 or so, unless you don’t mind adjusting your standards a bit; with Bali apartments you can expect more amenities at a lower price. For a two-week stay in an apartment in Bali you shouldn’t have any problem paying 60% or 70% of the price of a hotel room for nice apartments or Bali condos with many more creature comforts. [click to continue…]

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If you’re considering a holiday to Bali, Indonesia, have you considered Bali apartments as an alternative to expensive, smaller hotel rooms? Booking accommodation for a holiday, we normally think in terms of hotels automatically. But apartments in Bali are becoming more plentiful, and there are a few reasons why you might want to look into renting an apartment on your next visit to this wonderful island paradise, rather than a small hotel room or an expensive villa.

Whether you sub-let one of the many Bali apartments or condominium from an absentee ex-pat owner, or simply rent an apartment in Bali by the week or the month, your cost for serviced apartments Bali will almost certainly be less than “paying retail” for a single hotel room. You’ll find apartment features to be more like home than a hotel room as well.

Many people own Bali properties that they do not live in year-round, and it goes without saying that many of these absentee owners are interested in getting a little bit of cash flow out of their apartments while they are not in Bali. You can talk to an agent to get a feel for the apartments that are on offer, but deal directly with an owner-check online-if you can because they are more likely to be flexible and less impersonal. The Jayakarta Bali Beach Resort/Jayakarta Hotel has apartments on the premises that are a favorite place for repeat visitors to Bali to stay.

Why is the supply of serviced apartments in Bali increasing so rapidly? It’s an interesting situation. If you look on a map at the location of Ngurah Rai International Airport you’ll see that it’s on the south end of the island where its southwest and southeast coasts converge. Most tourists (though not all) prefer to be within five or ten miles (eight to 16 km) or so of the airport because of the wide range of tourist activities that a visitor can find on their vacation in Bali: nightlife is renowned, as is Bali shopping, and in the selection of high-quality, inexpensive restaurants everyone will find plenty to like.

Kuta beach was one of the first areas that tourists enjoyed on the island, and as it and the tourist/ex-pat enclaves north of Kuta such as Seminyak, Legian, the Oberoi area, as well as Sanur on the east side of the island, desirable land naturally became more scarce. There was only one direction to build–up–and if you’ve visited Bali in the last five years or so you’ll be amazed at how high the hotels and apartment buildings in the south end of Bali are getting. (As a side note, the rule in Bali that no man-made structure should stand higher than a palm tree seems to have gone by the wayside, unless there are incredibly high palm tree specimens somewhere against which these new buildings are held!)

This new trend of building higher has increased the supply of Bali apartments and Bali condos relative to the traditional Bali villas in which most ex-pats live. This finally is why as a tourist you have a noteworthy alternative to relatively expensive Bali house rentals or hotel rooms. And having options is good news, when you are trying to save money on a Bali holiday.

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