Bali Apartments And The Evolving Bali Real Estate Market

July 21, 2013

If you’re considering a holiday to Bali, Indonesia, have you considered Bali apartments as an alternative to expensive, smaller hotel rooms? Booking accommodation for a holiday, we normally think in terms of hotels automatically. But apartments in Bali are becoming more plentiful, and there are a few reasons why you might want to look into renting an apartment on your next visit to this wonderful island paradise, rather than a small hotel room or an expensive villa.

Whether you sub-let one of the many Bali apartments or condominium from an absentee ex-pat owner, or simply rent an apartment in Bali by the week or the month, your cost for serviced apartments Bali will almost certainly be less than “paying retail” for a single hotel room. You’ll find apartment features to be more like home than a hotel room as well.

Many people own Bali properties that they do not live in year-round, and it goes without saying that many of these absentee owners are interested in getting a little bit of cash flow out of their apartments while they are not in Bali. You can talk to an agent to get a feel for the apartments that are on offer, but deal directly with an owner-check online-if you can because they are more likely to be flexible and less impersonal. The Jayakarta Bali Beach Resort/Jayakarta Hotel has apartments on the premises that are a favorite place for repeat visitors to Bali to stay.

Why is the supply of serviced apartments in Bali increasing so rapidly? It’s an interesting situation. If you look on a map at the location of Ngurah Rai International Airport you’ll see that it’s on the south end of the island where its southwest and southeast coasts converge. Most tourists (though not all) prefer to be within five or ten miles (eight to 16 km) or so of the airport because of the wide range of tourist activities that a visitor can find on their vacation in Bali: nightlife is renowned, as is Bali shopping, and in the selection of high-quality, inexpensive restaurants everyone will find plenty to like.

Kuta beach was one of the first areas that tourists enjoyed on the island, and as it and the tourist/ex-pat enclaves north of Kuta such as Seminyak, Legian, the Oberoi area, as well as Sanur on the east side of the island, desirable land naturally became more scarce. There was only one direction to build–up–and if you’ve visited Bali in the last five years or so you’ll be amazed at how high the hotels and apartment buildings in the south end of Bali are getting. (As a side note, the rule in Bali that no man-made structure should stand higher than a palm tree seems to have gone by the wayside, unless there are incredibly high palm tree specimens somewhere against which these new buildings are held!)

This new trend of building higher has increased the supply of Bali apartments and Bali condos relative to the traditional Bali villas in which most ex-pats live. This finally is why as a tourist you have a noteworthy alternative to relatively expensive Bali house rentals or hotel rooms. And having options is good news, when you are trying to save money on a Bali holiday.

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